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Whatever aspect of your riding you want to improve one to one private lessons are the quickest way for you to learn and to progress. From complete beginner looking to learn the basics of snowboarding to advanced riders who want to polish up their technique or focus on a specific aspect of their riding, individual one to one private lessons allow you to dictate the pace and content of your lessons.

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Technical Courses & Camps
Technical Course or Camp?

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced snowboarder you will see significant developments in your riding throughout the week on one of our technical camps and courses.

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Our Technical camps and courses are run throughout the winter season and are a great way to meet people, make new friends and develop your snowboarding. If you are not sure if this is for you then why not give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss what will work for you.

Freestyle Courses & Camps
Freestyle Lesson, Course or Camp?

Progressing your freestyle riding never stops! From a 2 hr lesson to focus on specific tricks through to a full week of coaching, our instructors will work with you to advance all aspects of your Freestyle riding.

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Avoriaz is considered a hub of European snowboarding and has 5 snowparks including the Burton Stash and a superpipe. There are a further 8 parks across the rest of the Portes du Soleil.

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Kids Snowboard Lessons
Kids Clubs & Holidays
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At MINT Snowboarding we have been teaching kids aged from 3 years old to snowboard for over 12 years. We aim to create a fun and engaging environment for your kids to learn to snowboard. From complete beginner to fully fledged little ripper, our private and group lessons are the perfect way for you kids to learn to ride.

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Backcountry Courses & Camps
Backcountry Guiding
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If you want to get off-piste and hike or splitboard tour into the backcountry to ride epic powder lines then you should be riding with us.

We have a huge choice of backcountry off-piste adventures in the Portes Du Soleil, the Grande Massif and Chamonix for you to choose from. 

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MINT Snowboarding since 2006. World Snow Award Winners in 2016 & 2017!  Covid 19 News






Offer applies only to internet purchases for all individual Portes du Soleil liftpasses valid for 5 – 14 days consecutively.

EXTENSION – Until 31st October 2020 :
– 15% discount except during school holidays periods
– 10% discount during French school holidays periods

From 1st – 15th November 2020 :
– 10% discount except during school holidays periods
– 5% discount during French school holidays periods



This discount offer applies to ski passes valid from 5 to 12 days on the Morzine – Les Gets ski area.

EXTENSION – Until 31st October 2020 :
15% discount except during school holidays periods
– 10% discount during school holidays periods

From 1st – 15th November 2020 :
– 10% discount except during school holidays periods
– 5% discount during school holidays periods



From the 3rd of April 2021, get a free child skipass (under 12 years old) for any purchase of an adult Portes du Soleil skipass.
Offer valid from 5 day ski passes and purchases made both in resort and online.



10% off Portes du Soleil passes when 4 people of the same family (2 adults / seniors maximum + 2 children and / or young minimum) buy skipasses for the same duration, with only one payment.



On Tuesdays and Thursdays, get a 30% discount your 1 day Portes du Soleil  ski pass from 5th January 2021 – 4th February 2021, from 9th March 2020 – 13th March 2021 and from 23rd March 2021 to the end of the season.
Offer only available online from the previous Friday.
Offer is limited to 100 skipasses per day, per resort and 1 transaction per customer.



For the simultaneous online purchase of 2 adult 6 day or more Portes du Soleil ski passes, get a 15 € / 16 CHF discount. For the simultaneous purchase of 3 adult 6 day or more Portes du Soleil skipasses get 24 € / 27 CHF discount.
Offer is not available during Rock the Pistes Festival, 14th – 21st March 2021, or with with Early Booking.


There are lots of different ski pass options available in the Portes du Soleil which can be confusing if you have not visited the area before. Take a look at our helpful guide to make sure you purchase the correct lift pass for your snowboard lessons booked with us.
Lessons booked in Morzine / Pleney 
– Whether you have group lessons or private snowboard lessons in Morzine booked, you will just need a local area pass for your lessons.
– The local area pass covers both Morzine and Les Gets (you can not purchase a pass for one or the other).
– Purchase your pass here: Morzine Ski Passes
– Beginners area pass – you can purchase a Morzine beginners area pass which covers a return trip on the telecabine, the magic carpet on the beginners area and the Belvédère & Nabor chairlifts. If you are a total beginner, learning to snowboard in Morzine, this pass will not be sufficient to cover your progression for a week (generally it will be sufficient for your first few days only). The Morzine beginners area ski pass can not be purchased in advance.


Lessons booked in Les Gets
– You will just need a Les Gets / Morzine ski pass for your snowboard lessons in Les Gets.
– Purchase your ski pass here: Les Gets Ski Passes
– The beginners area in Les Gets consists of two magic carpets which are free to use. If you are staying in the centre of Les Gets you would need to buy a pass to cover the Chavannes telecabine to get you up to this beginners area.


Lessons booked in Avoriaz
– For all beginner & improver level snowboard lessons you will need an Avoriaz only ski pass. For intermediate and advanced level snowboarders booked into private lessons, a group course or snowboard camp you will need a full Portes du Soleil lift pass.
– Purchase your Avoriaz ski pass here: Avoriaz liftpass
– A Beginner ski pass is available in Avoriaz for 5-hours, 1, 2 or 3-days. This pass covers the Avoriaz beginners slopes and gives access to Prodains cable car; Plateau, Tour, Zore, Serraussaix, Proclou, Léchère and Dromonts 1 and 2 chairlifts; Trashers, Ecoles 1 and 2, Baron, Barmettes and Chapelle draglifts, and Super-Morzine and Ardent gondolas.
– If you have freestyle snowboard lessons booked, then you can purchase an Avoriaz snowpark pass which includes access to the Burton Stash. This liftpass gives access to the Prodains cable car, Stade, Tour and Prolays chairlifts; Surf, Arare 1 and 2, Chapelle, Ecoles 1 and 2 and Trashers draglifts and Ardent gondola.


Lessons booked in Chatel
– For snowboard lessons in Chatel you will just need a Chatel ski pass unless it is a freestyle lesson and you wish to access the Avoriaz snowparks, then you would need a Portes du Soleil pass.
– Purchase your Chatel ski pass here: Chatel skipass


Kids Snowboard Lessons
– If you have snowboard lessons booked for young children, don’t forget that ski passes for kids under the age of 5 are FREE throughout the Portes du Soleil!
Private Snowboard Lessons Morzine

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