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Whatever aspect of your riding you want to improve one to one private lessons are the quickest way for you to learn and to progress. From complete beginner looking to learn the basics of snowboarding to advanced riders who want to polish up their technique or focus on a specific aspect of their riding, individual one to one private lessons allow you to dictate the pace and content of your lessons.

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Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced snowboarder you will see significant developments in your riding throughout the week on one of our technical camps and courses.

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Our Technical camps and courses are run throughout the winter season and are a great way to meet people, make new friends and develop your snowboarding. If you are not sure if this is for you then why not give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss what will work for you.

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Progressing your freestyle riding never stops! From a 2 hr lesson to focus on specific tricks through to a full week of coaching, our instructors will work with you to advance all aspects of your Freestyle riding.

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Avoriaz is considered a hub of European snowboarding and has 5 snowparks including the Burton Stash and a superpipe. There are a further 8 parks across the rest of the Portes du Soleil.

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At MINT Snowboarding we have been teaching kids aged from 3 years old to snowboard for over 12 years. We aim to create a fun and engaging environment for your kids to learn to snowboard. From complete beginner to fully fledged little ripper, our private and group lessons are the perfect way for you kids to learn to ride.

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If you want to get off-piste and hike or splitboard tour into the backcountry to ride epic powder lines then you should be riding with us.

We have a huge choice of backcountry off-piste adventures in the Portes Du Soleil, the Grande Massif and Chamonix for you to choose from. 

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MINT Snowboarding since 2006. World Snow Award Winners in 2016 & 2017!  Covid 19 News



New ski lifts in the Portes du Soleil are always something to get excited about and this summer SERMA has been working super hard constructing two brand new 6 seater chairlifts in Avoriaz!

The first new chairlift will be replacing the current La Lechere 3 seater chair (the painfully slow chairlift that starts from the Lindarets bowl) with a high speed 6 seater. The replacement of the old La Lechere ski lift is also linked to the construction of a second brand new 6 seater lift called Cases taking you from the top of La Lechere on the French Avoriaz side to the top of Les Crosets – Champery on the Swiss side.

Not only will these two new chairs be much faster, but they will also create a brand new route from the Lindarets area to Les Crosets, tripling the French-Swiss connection from Avoriaz! The nearby Mossettes chairlift has until now been the main route taking you from Avoriaz into Switzerland, but due to exposure and wind it can often have closures during the winter.


Take a look at the situation of the two new lifts connecting Avoriaz to the Swiss side:

New Ski Lifts Avoriaz

The two new ski lifts currently being constructed in Morzine / Avoriaz. Photo: Remontees Mecaniques Forum


Details of these two 6 seater ski lifts:

The lower replacement lift La Lechere will allow an incredible 2700 people per hour and run at 5m / second! This is 900 people per hour more then the current 3 seater La Lechere lift!!

The higher new lift Cases, taking you up to Switzerland allows 3000 people per hour and also runs at a speed of 5m / second.

Chairlift Avoriaz Skiing

The old La Lechere charlift station currently being replaced in Avoriaz.

The positioning of the top Cases station at the top of Le Cases track has been carefully planned so that the chairlift is not visible from Les Crosets. The top station will be slightly below the ridge.


Mossettes Chairlift Avoriaz Champery

The view from the top of the Mossettes looking towards Champery


Construction zone

We headed up to the lindarets bowl this week to check out what’s going on with construction. We walked to the top of where the new La Lechere lift is being put in, it’s starting to take shape and we can’t wait to see the finished project! Below is a sneak peak of the pre-constructed new lift!


New Chairlift Avoriaz

Building going on at the bottom of the new La Lechere lift in Avoriaz.


Both lifts are set to open for December 2019!

If you haven’t spent much time on the Swiss side of the Portes du Soleil before, you’ve got no more excuses about the length of time it takes to get there from Morzine. We’re definitely looking forward to speedy access to some of the quietest, widest and sunniest slopes in the Portes du Soleil… see you there!!!


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