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Kids FAQ

  • What age can my kids start to snowboard?

    Kids can learn to snowboard from around 3 years old (same as starting them skiing). We regularly teach kids from as young as 3 years old. No child is the same so it does depend on the individual – strength, energy, desire to snowboard etc.

    Why not have a look at our super cute videos of kids from 3 up to 7 year old learning to snowboard with MINT Snowboard School:


  • What about snowboarding equipment for young kids?

    There are kids specific snowboard boots boards and bindings for kids from 2 years and upwards. Kids grow up fast and outgrow their equipment quickly so you could rent at first if you are not sure if they will love snowboarding (but we are pretty sure they will)!

    Burton Snowboards are streets ahead in kids snowboard equipment and we highly recommend you equip your child with Burton kit, whether renting or buying.

    A Burton Riglet Reel is of great help for first timers aged between 2-5 years old.

    Our friends at The Woods Snowboard Shop in Morzine have the best selection of Burton kids rental gear in town, why not give them a call on 04 50 38 30 93. Contact us for details on our rental partners in Avoriaz and Lets Gets.

  • Should my kids learn to ski first?

    We get asked this question all the time and the answer is absolutely no they do not! Kids can learn to snowboard from any age and we regularly teach kids as young as 3 years old who have never seen snow before, never mind a pair of skis.

    The important thing is to let them choose… if they want to ski then great, if they want to snowboard even better 😉

  • What hints and tips do you have for first time kids snowboarding?

    Give kids the choice – whether they want to ski or snowboard doesn’t matter as long as they are enjoying time on the snow.

    Don’t try and get them to learn both – trying to pick up both skiing and snowboarding at the same time will only be confusing, tiring and dramatically reduce progression in either one or both sports.

    Give them slope time in small doses – keep it short and sweet and don’t tire them out (hot chocolate breaks always go down well!).

    Don’t teach your kids yourself – it’s well worth the investment in lessons from an expert to speed up progression, keep them safe, make sure they have fun and (most of all) avoid any family arguments!

    Give kids an emergency snack – something to carry in their pockets for times of need (treat-size chocolate bars or boxes of raisins provide a pocket-friendly sugar hit).

    Mittens not gloves – they are way easier to get on and off, and usually warmer too. Invest in a good pair of mittens as your kids will have their hands in the snow a lot!

  • How can I speed up the learning curve so I can snowboard with my child sooner?

    It is best to start with low expectations. Beginners need to start on the beginner slope and should not be moved onto regular slopes without consulting their instructor for advice. Often young children will only want to do a few runs, building up confidence slowly, what is key is that they are enjoying those few runs. With patience soon will they will be asking to do more. Again the key is to get them professional tuition rather than trying to cut corners and teach them yourself.

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