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Technical Performance Course – Morzine, Avoriaz

Technical Performance Course – Morzine, Avoriaz - Description

The Technical Performance course has been developed for intermediate & advanced level riders who have had little or no formal coaching.

The aim of this course is to progress all areas of your technical riding such as carving, steeper terrain, off piste, bumps and freestyle.

We will teach you specific techniques such as torsional flex, pedalling and more. All of which will improve the way you control your board, resulting in a more responsive riding style across all terrain.

The course is delivered to a small group of maximum 5 riders to help you achieve maximum progression and individual attention from your coach.

Change the way you ride and enhance your enjoyment of the mountain.


5 x half days (3 hrs / day)


Group size: Max 5 (min 3)


By developing your core technical snowboarding you will see rapid improvements and progression in your carving, steep terrain, off-piste and freestyle riding. This course will help you to pin-point and iron out bad habits as well as develop an effortless riding style.

Is this for me?

This course is for intermediate to advanced snowboarders whose progression has hit a plateau! The coaching throughout the week is focused towards developing your technical riding skills which will be applied to progress all of your snowboarding. If you have never had any formal coaching before, you will be impressed with the progression you will achieve during this week.

Suggested Fitness Level

Fitness Level 1/5: A basic level of fitness required to enjoy this course to its fullest

Suitable for Snowboarders with a Skill Level 3 to 5

Below is a description of the skill levels suited:

Level 3. Lower Intermediate

You are happy linking turns on most runs, although sometimes coming into difficulty on steeps or challenging snow conditions. You wish to ride the whole mountain and find new challenges. We’ll give you the techniques to make your riding more dynamic, start carving your board, learn a few tricks and even take you off piste.

Level 4. High Intermediate

You are an experienced snowboarder, competent riding the whole mountain, in almost all snow conditions and terrain types. Even if you’re content with what you’re riding, a session with an top level instructor can help you enjoy it even more … and chances are you’ll find out there’s still plenty left in the tank. It’s time to increase your performance, dominate the mountain, master new tricks and venture further off piste.

Level 5. Advanced

You are a seasoned snowboarder who has an extensive experience off piste and / or in the snowpark. You can ride any terrain and make it look good. Join a program for riding steep & deep terrain, or finding how 3 feet out of a pipe can be 10 with a bit of coaching.


Day 1: Developing riding technique. Teaching you the techniques which will enable you to use your equipment more effectively and develop a fluid riding style. Including equipment advice and optimising your current setup.

Day 2: Teaching you the movements required to enable technical progression and using this to increase board performance. This day includes video analysis to aid the development of your riding.

Day 3: Implementing your new skills across a range of terrain and tasks.

Day 4: Off piste riding. Advancing your riding technique on natural terrain and varying snow conditions.

Day 5: Introducing freestyle skills both in and out of the snow park, including switch riding.

Whats included

  • 5 Half Days of Coaching with a fully qualified BASI ISTD (or equivalent) snowboard instructor (3 hrs / day)
  • Video coaching to help analyse your riding and consequently understand how to make appropriate changes

Whats not included

  • Ski pass
  • Personal Insurance
  • Personal Snowboarding Equipment
  • Accommodation
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Technical Performance Course
Morzine / Avoriaz - France
Technical Performance Course
Morzine / Avoriaz - France
Technical Performance Course
Morzine / Avoriaz - France
Technical Performance Course
Morzine / Avoriaz - France
Technical Performance Course
Morzine / Avoriaz - France
Technical Performance Course
Morzine / Avoriaz - France
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