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There are lots of different snowboard camps to suit different abilities and goals. Whether you want to build confidence, hit the park, or explore the backcountry, there is something for you. There are also snowboard camps specifically designed for females only. In this post, we will answer the question of why go on a girls snowboard camp?

Why Is There A Need For A Girls Snowboard Camp?

You may wonder what the is point of a girls-only snowboard camp. Also, in the spirit of equality, everybody should be able to develop their skills together right?

A lot of girls snowboard camps are marketed as offering an extra level of encouragement and a chilled out environments. But these should all be standard features of any snowboard camp.

When you look past all the marketing jargon and investigate the details, you will find some excellent reasons for going on a girls snowboard camp.


Men And Women Process Things Differently

Men and women often have very different learning styles. Women tend to take in information and think it through before trying something. Whereas men are more likely to just give it a go. This is highlighted in a 2013 study of how our men and women’s brains work.

You can see this in action when you are in a mixed group of beginner snowboarders. You will notice that men will get down the mountain in a shorter time, but their style won’t be as tidy as women’s. Women are less gung ho, but they take in information differently and ask questions. The result usually means they are slower to pick it up, but their style is more refined when they do.

In addition to this, women tend to work as a group to achieve their goals. But men see achievement as a more personal goal. 


Less Pressure

Girls snowboard camps allow women to push their boundaries at their own pace. They can develop their skills without male competition, showing off, or having testosterone being fired up. The groups have just enough competition to keep you focussed and progressing throughout your stay.

The female environment allows you to share and celebrate each other’s achievements.


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A Supportive Environment

There is no such thing as a silly question, and everyone is in the same boat. Your female instructor will be able to put your mind at rest and empathise with your problems. She also knows first-hand that a women’s physiology is different from a man’s. So she can give you tips for you to perfect your techniques.

Your instructor also knows that women look at things differently on the mountain. She can see when you experience apprehension and talk you through the steps for overcoming a problem.


A Progressive Structure

The MINT Girls Snowboard Camp is designed and run by Tammy Esten, one of the highest qualified snowboard instructors in the Portes du Soleil. She aims the course at intermediate to advanced female riders to improve their skills all over the mountain.

The groups are split into two, so everyone gets plenty of attention from their instructors. Most of the time, the groups will be divided according to skill levels.

At the start of the 5-day course, you will work on developing your existing skills. Your instructor will take a close look at your techniques so you know what to focus on. She will also look at your snowboard and binding setup to fine-tune your equipment.

Throughout the week, you will progress with video analysis, so you can adjust your technique accordingly. From this point, you will take what you have learned onto different terrain while taking on new challenges.

Tammy will introduce you to some freestyle skills that you can do in and out of the snow park. These skills unlock your potential for having fun, and you will be surprised at what is possible to learn in a short space of time.


Explore The Mountains

Many snowboarders may be motivated to experience new terrain. But they may also lack a strategic approach to choosing where to ride.

The highlight of the MINT Girls Snowboard Camp is the introduction to off-piste snowboarding. Tammy and the other MINT instructors know the Portes Du Soleil like the back of their hands. They build on what you have learned so far but take it away from the groomed pistes.

This is where Tammy’s main passion lies, so you are in good hands. You will learn how to ride powder, natural terrain and changeable snow conditions. Being able to ride powder confidently is a real turning point in your snowboarding career. Many people regard riding backcountry as the true essence of snowboarding.

The more advanced riders will be treated to a guided adventure in the stunning Vallée de la Manche.


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Build Confidence

One of the biggest hindrances to snowboard progression is a lack of confidence. But, the environment and support you get from a girls snowboard camp will help with this. The instructors will help you every step of the way while your fellow riders provide encouragement.

Often all you need is a little push and some help to unlock your potential for having fun on the mountain.

For more details, check out the MINT Girls Snowboard Camp In Morzine running from 13th – 20th March 2022.


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