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Thinking of getting a friend to teach you to snowboard… here are some reasons why you might think again!



If you want to maintain your relationships we strongly advise that you don’t teach your friends, partners, sister or brothers to snowboard!  Apart from the fact that familiarity means that you will be the person they take out their frustrations on you may also pass on ‘bad’ habits you didn’t even know you had.

It’s true that every now and then, instructors do bear the brunt of a client’s frustrations but it generally quickly dissipates and there is no opportunity to carry it on in the pub that night.  In the words of one of our very own clients… ‘it just spells disaster’… need we say more.

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Read on for our 10 reasons why you should choose lessons over being taught by a friend!

  1. It is far more inappropriate to get irritated with an instructor if you are feeling frustrated and so take a deep breath and carry on!
  2. It is not as easy to quit when the going gets tough
  3. All MINTs instructors are qualified to the highest international standard and  super experienced across all aspects of snowboarding
  4. You will be taught how to snowboard following a well thought out and researched teaching system
  5. The instructor will have a wealth of knowledge and techniques to help you get past annoying niggles
  6. Learning to snowboard properly from the start will give you the confidence and solid riding skills to progress your riding further
  7. An instructor won’t give up on you!
  8. The coaching stays on the mountain and doesn’t follow you home allowing you to take a break and look forward to the next days lesson
  9. There is a mutual respect between your instructor and you
  10. Good banter and interesting chat with someone new on the chair lift!!

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