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Morzine For Beginner Snowboarders

Your first snowboarding holiday is an unforgettable experience. But to make the most out of your snowboarding debut, you need to choose a suitable resort. The resort you choose makes a huge difference to the experience of learning how to snowboard. We have been teaching people how to snowboard in Morzine for many years. There are many reasons why Morzine is great for beginner snowboarders. 

In this post, we will go into all the reasons why you should start snowboarding in Morzine.

Morzine Has The Perfect Beginner Slopes For Snowboarding

Ski slopes are colour coded according to their difficulty. The easiest slopes are designated as green runs, and are where beginner snowboarders need to start. The beginner slopes in Morzine are situated at the top of the Pleney gondola. They are very wide and have gentle gradients, perfect for mastering basic skills.

But what makes these slopes even better for beginner snowboarders is their magic carpet lifts. These are conveyor belts that make getting to the top of the slope super easy. This means you don’t need to get on a scary chairlift or use a challenging drag lift the first time you stand on a snowboard.

Once you have got to grips with the green runs in the beginner area, you can progress to the slightly more challenging blue runs. There are some excellent blue runs on both sides of the valley in Morzine. They are long, wide, and have plenty of mountain restaurants to take a rest at.

Morzine has lots of tree-lined blue runs, these are not only picturesque, but they are excellent on bad weather days. The trees provide a little shelter and improve visibility when it is cloudy. Therefore, you can still practice your turns in a pleasant environment, rather than being blasted by wind or struggling to see the end of your board.

Easy Access To The Slopes…And Back Again

Beginner Snowboarder Morzine - Pleney

As a beginner snowboarder, you want to make life as easy as possible. One of the great things about Morzine is how easy it is to get onto the mountain. The Pleney lift station is right in the the village, giving you access to the easy runs mentioned above, but it also means you can ride all the way back down to Morzine.

On the other side of the valley, you can take the Super Morzine bubble to another collection of blue and green runs. If you go further, you can access the neighbouring resort of Avoriaz.

You can’t snowboard back into Morzine from this side, but you can rest your legs while riding the Super Morzine lift back down, enjoying the views.

You can also jump on one of the many ski shuttle buses to access the Avoriaz area. These take you to the Ardent and Prodains lifts within 10 minutes in each direction.

Modern Chairlifts

Morzine for beginners - Zore

Some ski resorts are not very snowboard friendly. They use lots of drag lifts and T-bars to get you to the top of the slopes. But the lifts around Morzine are great for beginner snowboarders.

The old-style lifts are continually being replaced. There are very few drag lifts now, and the chairlifts gently pick you up and whisk you to the top. This is a refreshing change from the rickety old ones that whack you in the back of the legs before you sit down.

These lifts around Avoriaz, Les Gets, and Morzine makes learning how to snowboard less stressful and more pleasant.

Plenty Of Places To Refuel On And Off The Mountain

After a morning of learning how to snowboard, you will feel hungry. The mountains around Morzine are littered with excellent restaurants. You can ride right into many of them. You can enjoy local specialities such as tartiflette or fondue in a cosy atmosphere. Alternatively, top up the tan on the sun deck while you eat.

As the bottom of Super Morzine and Pleney lifts are right in the village, you have easy access to Morzine’s bars and restaurants from the mountain. This makes meeting up with other people in your group very easy and increases your lunchtime options.

World-Class Instructors

As a beginner snowboarder, you will benefit from taking some lessons. An instructor is your ticket to becoming a great snowboarder in a shorter amount of time. They will teach you the correct techniques so you don’t fall into any bad habits. You will progress much quicker with the support of a snowboard instructor than you would just giving it a go on your own.

Our snowboard instructors are highly qualified in all aspects of snowboarding. Therefore, they will get you linking turns and beyond before you know it.

You can book individual or group snowboard lessons on Morzine with Mint Snowboarding. But there is another option in the form of one of our beginner snowboard camps.

Our beginner snowboard camps provide you with the perfect holiday for learning how to snowboard in Morzine. They give you the chance to spend a week with riders at a similar level, so you can learn in a group environment.

We provide 5 full days of snowboard coaching and 7 days accommodation in a chalet-hotel. This takes the stress and guesswork out of booking your beginner snowboard holiday in Morzine.

By the end of the week, you will have a solid foundation to build your snowboard skills on. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality coaching and a supportive environment.

Morzine Has Lots To Offer Off The Slopes

The mountains are a fantastic place to be and provide us with the ultimate natural playground. Learning how to snowboard is tiring, so you may want a day or an afternoon off. There are plenty of other things to experience while you are here.

For example, have you ever wanted to go paragliding, dog sledding or ice diving? You can take it easy too, with the various spas and opportunities to relax in the resort.

Morzine Has A Fantastic Après Scene

There is nothing better than finishing your day on the mountain with a few drinks. Luckily, Morzine has a fantastic après scene thanks to its wide range of bars.

Whether you like live music, a mega party atmosphere, or just a chilled out drink in a cosy bar, there is something for everyone. Après is a big part of the snowboarding lifestyle, and Morzine is one of the best places to sample it.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about taking up snowboarding, Morzine is great for beginner snowboarders. It is also popular for riders to come back every winter, as there is so much to explore. This is because Morzine is located in one of the largest ski areas in the world, the Portes du Soleil. And Mint Snowboarding instructors will be here to take you to all the best parts every visit.

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