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How to make the perfect snowboard movie!



We’ve teamed up with to bring you 17 essential tips to help you with filming this winter.  Whether it’s your family or your buddies, cruising piste or busting some freestyle moves they have it covered…

1. Snacks! Water and food are a must if you are going to be standing around all day

2. Layer up!  Wear warm clothes and pipe gloves are the best option so you can still work the camera…  We recommend Celtek

3. Amnesia! Make sure your memory cards are clear and take spares if you have them

4. Keep any spare batteries warm so they don’t run out so quickly.  Hide them under your arm, in your jacket or somewhere else toasty warm 😉

5. What’s your story?  Before you start filming, think about the edit, have a story.  What do you want it to look like in the end?  This will help you plan what shots you need

6. Quality!  Film at the best possible quality for example 1080p whenever you can

7. Always carry a lens cloth, cap or even your goggle wipe

8. Danger!  Don’t stand in the landing, it’s dangerous!

9. If you are doing a ‘follow cam’, plan your route, make sure you know where you are going so you don;t go the wrong way or crash into something

10. Mooove closer!  If you think you are close enough… get closer!

11. With an action camera, such as Ionpoint the camera at the groin area.  It’s not kinky, it’s just that they have a wide angled lens and it means you will fit everything into the shot

12. Think about mixing up your angles, low angles, high angles and moving around the feature

13. Communicate!  Talk to the person you are filming, find out where they are going and what they are doing so you are not in the wrong spot or filming the back of their head!

14. Steady Eddy!  Keep the camera steady, use a tripod and brace your arms against your body.  Use a smooth motion.  If you are using an action camera then use a pole!  The worst thing you can do is hold it in your hand.

15. If you are filming a trick, make sure you get the take off and the landing.  You don’t have to be in two places at once, just get the rider to do the trick twice and then edit them together 🙂

16. If you are using a helmet cam, make sure you press record before you put the helmet on.  Gonzilla recommend filming with a pole as it gives a better shot

17. Fill’er up!  Make sure you get filler shots so you can mix the edit up!  People laughing, scenery that kind of thing!

Check out for some bang on examples of how to film and edit!  The one stop shop for UK snowboarding talent!

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Tips on editing coming soon!


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