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How to edit the perfect snowboard movie with!



It’s part two of our ‘How to make the perfect snowboard movie’ series!

Got all your clips? are back once again to give you some handy advice on how to make an edit even Scorsese would be proud of.

  1. Keep it short and to the point
  2. Only put in tricks/riding that is perfectly executed and landed
  3. Vary your shots
  4. Try to build a story with your shots, beginning middle and end
  5. The best shot does not always have to be at the end
  6. Pick fun music
  7. Set your project up correctly before you start, to match the footage resolution
  8. When you start editing, bring all your footage in, watch through it all and pick out the best bits.
  9. Make sure your shots are tight!  Not too much run in or landing!  Short and sweet!
  10. Timing is key!  Cut the shots so that the rider lands on a beat in the music
  11. Make sure the sound is mixed, if your using dialogue dip the music so you can hear what people are saying
  12. Colour correct so all the shots look the same in terms of colour and brightness contrast!  If in doubt make it black & white
  13. Exporting!  Web (youtube/vimeo etc) Export in HD at 720p or 1080p, 25 frames per second, H264 compression at least 5 mbps
  14. If you get stuck or find a problem, Google it!  Forums and youtube tend to have the answers! in action with the Helgasons in action with the Helgasons

So that’s it!  Easy… right?

Check out for some bang on examples of how to film and edit!  It’s the one stop shop for UK snowboarding talent!

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