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How To Get Fit and Ready for Winter

Getting fit for your snowboard or ski holiday and making sure you are physically ready for spending long days on the mountain will allow you to optimise your progression and make the most out of your holiday. Not only this, it will also help to prevent any unwanted injuries!

The great part is you don’t even need an expensive gym membership to do this, plenty of exercises can be used at home to improve your cardiovascular fitness and target slope-specific movements. A few free weights, a swiss ball and a step box can go a long way!

Our friends at Mountain Rehab in Morzine have put together a great video with a 6 week program of exercises to get you fit and ready for snowboarding & skiing this winter.


Get a downloadable pdf version of the exercises here

Enjoy the preparation of getting ready for winter… you will thank yourself when you get back on your snowboard / skis!

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