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Why Brexit won’t affect your winter holiday to Europe

The results of the EU Referendum sent shockwaves through the UK population and the global financial exchange markets. Since the morning of Friday 24th June 2016 Facebook feeds have been overrun with fear and panic regarding the Brexit vote, as well outrage over the chaos in UK parliament.

The press has had a field day, with all sorts of arguments flying around, generally unrealistic, on generally focused on the worst-case scenarios of every situation imaginable. One such topic of dispute is the allegedly negative effects of Brexit on European travel. Here we look at the realities of the current situation (obviously understanding the critical importance of your winter ski or snowboard holiday!).

  1. The €:£ exchange rate has not altered that much. Whilst the Pound initially suffered significant losses against other currencies, the Euro has also weakened thus reducing any drastic changes to the Sterling-Euro exchange rate. Bigger changes have been felt against the US Dollar, making an American holiday significantly more expensive since the referendum. It is also worth noting that the huge fluctuations seen over the last week will stabilise, taking the worry out of future travel plans. Another positive point is that current exchange rates (around 1.2€/£1) are much better than they were a few years back when rates hit as low as 1€/£1.
  2. Price Freezes. Many travel companies, including us here at MINT Snowboarding, are freezing prices for the next year whilst the political situation stabilises. Some tour operators are even offering Brexit discounts!
  3. Border Control. There will be no changes to travel. The UK is still a part of the EU and a formal break is at least two years away. So for the next two years of Brexit negotiations there will be no restrictions on travel within the EU. Looking beyond Brexit, UK citizens don’t currently face any difficulties entering European countries also outside the EU, such as Norway or Switzerland. UK citizens will still have unrestricted travel inside Europe.
  4. Healthcare. Your  European Health Insurance Card, which entitles UK citizens to free or reduced-cost treatment in EU countries, is still valid. This will not change until Brexit has occurred, after which a new agreement will have been negotiated.
  5. Mobile Phone Roaming Charges. The costs of using your phone in Europe have recently plunged under EU rules and these lower tariffs will remain in place. Roaming charges were due to be abolished entirely in June 2017. Brexit will not happen before June 2017, so this should go ahead.
  6. Weather. One thing that is absolutely certain, BREXIT WILL NOT AFFECT THE SNOWKeep calm and book your ski or snowboard holiday… it will still snow in the alps this winter!

So looking ahead, at least to the next few years, ski & snowboard holidays should be largely unaffected by the vote for Brexit.

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