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The Avoriaz History Project


Avoriaz has long since been recognised as an crucial hub to the history and development of snowboarding in Europe. The Avoriaz History Project tells the pioneering story of the evolution of France’s first snowpark in Avoriaz.

The film explores how the early legends of the scene gave rise to a new generation of snowboarders, the world’s first natural snowpark and a multi-million euro tourism industry. Featuring interviews with pro snowboarders of the era Nico Droz, Peter Line and Eddie Wall.

Using a mix of 1980s and ‘90s footage self captured by the riders the film tells the story of how the sheer determination of a unique group of friends literally shapes a snowpark and creates it’s own snowboarding scene recognized throughout the world.

The resort of Avoriaz has continued to inspire creative ideas, such as the Burton Stash and now is home to a whooping 6 snowparks! Long may this continue!

Great work from Reel Fun Media, lets hope they manage to get funding needed to finish this fascinating archive project.


avoriaz history project



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