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There is always something new to try, that’s one of the joys of snowboarding. Whether you’re looking to link your first turns, thread a needle through a tight, powdery glade or start adding some style in the park… Mint will get you progressing towards your goals! Use this to help determine what snowboard level you are…



Level 1 – A total beginner or you want to start again from scratch. Taking a lesson is by far the best way to begin your snowboarding experience. We’ll give you the basic skills ensuring learning is fun and confidence is built.

Level 2 – You’ve done a little before, are able to slide on both edges, but are not yet turning from one to another.


Level 3 – Once you’re able to do basic turns in both directions, a little encouragement & help goes a long way. It’s time to build on those basic skills and start exploring the mountain.


Level 4 – Happy linking turns on most runs, although sometimes coming into difficulty on steeps, you wish to ride the whole mountain and find new challenges. We’ll give you the techniques to make your riding more dynamic, start carving your board and even learn a few tricks!

Level 5 – Even if you’re content with what you’re riding, a session with an upper level instructor can help you enjoy it even more … and chances are you’ll find out there’s still plenty left in the tank. It’s time to increase your performance, dominate the mountain and master some new tricks.


Level 6 – A NINJA’S TRAINING IS NEVER COMPLETE! We have programs for riding steep and deep terrain, or finding how 3 feet out of a pipe can be 10 with a bit of coaching.


You are confident on most runs and your focus is mastering tricks both on the piste and in the park. Whether it be jumps, spins, rails, halfpipe or even jibbing the natural terrain… there is always so much more to learn.

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"Amazing freestyle course!!! I've been out of my comfort zone all week and I'm still unbroken. Woohoo!! The biggest thing that goes beyond my park successes is my understanding/knowledge of what I'm doing right and wrong so I can continue to correct myself as I'm improving at jumps, spins, half pipe and even my general riding skills too. It's just made riding a whole new experience from now on for me. It's been fantastic!! Thanks Ander for all your efforts. I'll be on next years course for sure!!"

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