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Should I book lessons in advance?

Yes! We are a small specialised snowboard school, and unlike the larger ski schools, we take a lot of advanced bookings. Get in touch for availability!

Do I need protective gear?

Having a few falls is part of learning to snowboard. Having instruction will minimise this dramatically, however we still recommend the use of helmets and wrist guards, especially for beginners, kids and those learning freestyle. Bruises and injuries seriously affect your confidence… and confidence is key to learning to snowboard!

Does Mint have ski school lift priority?

Yes, Mint has ski school priority on the ski lifts of Morzine, Avoriaz & Les Gets. In lesson time we can get you through the queues for the ski lifts quicker… this makes a big difference during the busy times!

Am I goofy or regular?

If you already skateboard, wakeboard or surf then you will already know which is more natural for you. If not then whether you should have your left or right foot forwards can be determined by various methods. For example, the foot you would naturally kick a football with will be the leading foot on your snowboard. Another way is to get someone give you a surprise shove from behind – whichever foot you step forward with to catch your balance is the foot that goes in front when you snowboard.

What is the minimum age for children learning to snowboard?

There is no minimum age for learning to snowboard! We teach kids from 2.5 yrs and up. Kids under 7 years generally require a lot more hands on help from the instructor and are thus better off with private tuition. Kids from 6 / 7 years and up have the necessary coordination and strength to keep balanced on a snowboard and thus be a lot more independent earlier on.

Are your instructors qualified?

Yes! All of our instructors are qualified specifically in snowboarding and hold the BASI ISTD qualification or equivalent, along with the full French Equivalence. Along with this they each have many years of snowboard teaching experience.

Are there any good books/DVDs covering snowboard technique?

Check out ‘Go Snowboard’ by Neil McNab. Neil is ex-British snowboard champion and founder of the McNab Snowboarding. Mint founder, Tammy Esten, worked alongside Neil, to do the demonstrations in the book and accompanying DVD. The book provides step-by-step coaching and introduces a new pressure control system developed to improve technique in higher level riders.

What more is there to learn for intermediate / advanced snowboarders?

You are already an good intermediate / advanced level rider, but nolonger progressing and not sure how to? Why take further tuition?

There are loads of reasons to carry on with lessons and coaching, but one of the most important is to keep it fun and never stop progressing. Maybe a cliché, but it’s true ‘there is always more to learn’. Whether it be: taking advantage of the construction of your snowboard in order to carve a clean track around turns rather than skidding the board, stopping the back of your board skidding out at the end of turns on more challenging terrain, learning to do a frontside railslides on the nose or tail of your board, doing backflips on the airbag and then taking it to the jumps, making controlled, fluid turns on tricky off piste terrain rather than constently stopping and starting, linking butters to nose presses to reverts to 180s…

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